6 Things to do when off school

Sleep in

One of the most vital aspects of growth whether physical or intellectual is rest. The body needs down time to process and develop from the information it is receiving. Getting a good sleep schedule is important even during regular school days but understandably this may be difficult given workload and responsibilities. Which makes it imperative that catching up on at least 6 hours of sleep at night is done during school breaks. Keeping screens such as a televisions and computers away from the eyes for at least an hour before bed will help the brain and body go into shut down mode.

Sleeping in is sone of the things you can do while off school
Plus, you can dream of all the things you want to do while off school.


Reading is an important learning mechanism but also a great way to unwind and relax. This is why picking up a fictional book during your break could be a nice way to escape the pressures of daily life and immerse yourself in the realm of imagination. On the other hand reading a non-fiction book for information or curiosity helps increase your knowledge base and could be additional reinforcement for your return to school.

Stay Active

There is a proven link between physical activity and mental wellbeing, so regular exercise is an essential activity at any point through the year. During a holiday or a break it is important to partake in anything, no matter how small. A few minute walking, jogging, or even skating could make a whole lot of difference.

Eat Healthy

The key to everything in life is balance and even though when a break comes around the desire and temptation to let loose is strong, it is important to keep a balance. So, indulging in some unhealthy foods is great fun, but mixing it up with high value nutritional choices can be crucial in providing the type of physical and mental rejuvenation the body needs to get back to work at the end of the break.

Play some games

A break is a great time to catch up with friends and socialize outside of the school pressures, doing that with board games could be great fun. Scrabble, chess, monopoly are great thinking games, but a good strategy game is also a viable option. There is a lot of appeal to one of the many online strategy games and it serves a similar purpose, but the external and physical element is something vital that shouldn’t be undervalued.

Learn new things even when off school

You know that thing you’ve been wanting to learn but keep postponing, yeah, that one. No better time than now to get started on learning it. Given the current climate, coding is a top pick and there are endless resources that can help with that. There are online videos and tutorials as well as innumerable groups that provide information and guidance, the only thing left is your interest and participation. It could be that new skill that helps you in your new semester or that adds to your tools for post secondary/career prospects.

Whatever you decide to do on your break is ultimately up to you. These are just a few ideas on how best to use the short time off you have that could pay off going back to school.

All the best in your studies and your future endeavours!

This post was written by Abdulhakeem Yusuf. Abdulhakeem is the content writer at Southern Ontario Collegiate. He has over 6 years of professional writing experience.

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