Choosing a Post Secondary School in Ontario

When the time comes to make a choice of where you will be going for post secondary education there are a host of factors to consider and questions to ask yourself. This should cover as many as we can and perhaps you can come up with a few yourself.

Knowing what career you would like helps a lot in narrowing the scope, but its also okay not to know because it can always change over time.

I wish applying to University was this easy.

The Program

For the students that want to follow in their parent’s footsteps and go to their family’s alma mater or those who are going where their friends are the choice is straight forward (given they get admission). But for the majority of post secondary prospects the choice is a little less clear, so a useful guide is to focus on your interests.

These interests should have an academic and possibly career outlook for instance, if you have an interest in math or science, you want to make a list of the schools that offer courses along the lines of those interests and amongst those schools, which ones have a reputation for excellence in those fields.

With those parameters you can focus your attention on hopefully a smaller subset of potential choices and see what their respective application requirements are. This way, if you don’t meet the criteria for a choice you really want you can implement the necessary improvements as required.

The Place

The personal nature of this choice makes it open to whatever you find suites you and/or what might benefit your school experience as well as career prospects possibly. For some people the big city will provide too much of a distraction, while for others it fits right into their goals and career prospects. If there is a company you would like to work for, then either schooling in that city or vicinity could help internship opportunities, volunteering and in many other ways.

Or you could also go to the place your friends are going.

The Price

The cost of tuition as well as living expenses could easily be at the top of the list of important factors. It is important to know what you can afford for tuition and the cost of living in the city where the school is located. For instance, in a big city the tuition is only one cost to consider in addition to things like rent, food and transportation which are significantly higher and these costs add up over the period of study.

Here are some quick facts about a handful of institutions in Ontario that might give you some insight on what to look for and perhaps help your choices.

University of Toronto

A consistent candidate for consideration amongst Ontario’s top universities, UofT offers a diverse range of programs. The campus is right in downtown Toronto and thus right at the heart of the action. This is something to consider as mentioned earlier cost of accommodation, food, transportation will become more significant.

Due to its popularity, programs tend to be competitive so that is also something to keep in while preparing an application and once admitted for choosing classes during enrolment.

York University

Going north away from the downtown of Toronto you have YorkU. They are known for their liberal arts programs and the degree “structural flexibility” that allows students to make changes as they discover what they really want to study.

MacLean’s assessment of York highlights its world-class law, business, and fine arts programs.

Queen’s University

Nestled in the city of Kingston we have Ontario’s oldest university. The architecture features gorgeous stone buildings, structures, and galleries. Its medical and business programs are well respected while also ranking highly in Canada for graduate employability.

McMaster University

In the city of Hamilton not far from the Botanical Gardens you will find our next candidate. The engineering programs in McMaster rank amongst the best in not just Canada but the world. Whether it is civil engineering, computer science, metallurgical engineering and so on. The science and research programs are also well regarded for their excellence.

University of Ottawa

The largest bilingual university in the world and located in the country’s capital we have University of Ottawa. The health and medical programs are renowned with a focus on social justice as well as a wide range of programs from science to fine arts. If that wasn’t enough the co-op programs have a 96% placement rate to boot.

University of Waterloo

Located in Kitchener, Waterloo you will find the currently ranked best in Canada for innovation and third overall university. Just under a quarter million population of Kitchener gives a great balance between big-city and small town charm.

College provides more hands on learning, while University focuses more on advanced theories.

Those are some universities for you to consider in Ontario, next we will go over a colleges below:

Mohawk College

Consecutively ranking top in the GTA for student satisfaction the institution also ranks high among employers for graduate satisfaction at 88% as well as almost 90% employment for recent graduates. Applied research with a focus on electronic and mobile health solutions are a speciality. It also has award winning collaborative degree programs with McMaster University.

Humber College

Located in Toronto we have Humber which has two campuses around the downtown core. The programs offered are broad and unique like fashion management, film and media production, interior design and creative advertising. The majority of their programs have co-op placements making it a great choice for transition into the job market.

Algonquin College

With campuses in Pembroke and Perth in Eastern Ontario but the main one in Ottawa we have Algonquin College. Modern architecture abound, and a host of college certificate programs as well as a couple of bachelor’s degrees programs it is a great choice when you have a clear vision of what career you want post secondary school.

Northern College

Finding ourselves in Northern Ontario in Timmins we have Northern College. Upon the scenic backdrop of the Northern wilderness the multi-campus school has several degrees through a range of interests. For an individual not shaken by cold winters this could make a great choice.

These are just a handful of options and choices available in Ontario. For more information on what may be best for you, follow the link below and all the best on your journey:

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