Southern Ontario Collegiate runs a customized and highly successful ESL program designed to teach language for education, daily activities and employment. The 5-level program is benchmarked to national requirements.

Although we do not specifically prepare students for IELTS tests, our ESL program includes learning and questions models designed to support students to pass these tests. SOC is also the official IELTS testing venue in Hamilton, running more than 40 IELTS tests at our campus each year.

SOC teachers have a wealth of experience dealing with ESL learners. They support ESL students with provisions such as extra time, oral interviews, demonstrations, and illustrations to support learning and assessment.

In addition, SOC has an in-house tutor that runs daily sessions to bring ESL students up to speed.

At SOC, we leverage technology, reach out to educators from the students’ home countries and even put translators on the phone during class if necessary.

We do everything possible to ensure that our ESL students are not left behind.

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