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Update: March 16, 2020

Dear Parents and Friends,

As you  are no doubt aware, Canada and the province of Ontario are taking strong action to maintain a broad public effort to slow transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19 and avoid any  kind of spike in cases that has swamped hospitals in other countries.

The vast majority of businesses, including those most vital to day to day life will not be affected. Grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, important public services, and office buildings will all continue to operate.  However, organized public gatherings of 50 people or more, including parades, events, and services in houses of worship have been cancelled for the next 14 days.

We know that this is a time of concern for all of you.  Please be assured that we will continue to support students in all areas of their daily lives.  Representatives of Southern Ontario Collegiate will visit each residence regularly.  There is no shortage of food.  We urge you to support school staff in reinforcing the importance of students continuing to follow a daily routine: getting up promptly for breakfast, being home for lunch, etc.

On Monday March 23, students will continue their classes, for the time being through e-learning rather than on-site.  Every effort is being made to ensure that learning continues and that students have the opportunity to continue to work towards achieving course credits.  Please reinforce this message that students will need to bring discipline and attention to their work.  Attendance will be taken on-line and students will be expected to submit work regularly.
The office of public health are reminding everyone that we are not under quarantine.  Students are urged to go outside, go for walks, play sports carefully; this is not the time for students to be reckless when playing football or other sports.

This is an unprecedented event.  We share your concerns and we will continue to do all we can to support all the young people in our care.  We will continue to be in touch with you.