SOC’s Pre-University program is the direct link to university in Canada. The duration of the program is determined by the number of equivalency credits granted by the Ministry of Education. Students will take Grade 12 courses and perhaps one or two Grade 11 courses, as well as the compulsory Grade 10 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.

Eligibility: Students currently studying in Form 5/Sec 4/Senior Middle 3/ or ‘O’ Level

Intake: January, May, August

Students apply for admission to universities or colleges in the autumn/winter of their final year at SOC.

Courses Required for Majors in Business, Science, Engineering & Arts

Business (Finance, Management, Accounting) English, Advanced Functions, Calculus, Data Management, Economics, International Business, Business Leadership, Marketing, Canadian & International Law, etc. Requirements: English and 1 or 2 Maths courses are compulsory; 3 or 4 courses are elective
Science, Engineering, Computer Science & Pre-Med English, Advanced Functions, Calculus, Data Management, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science etc.   Requirements: English, Advanced Functions, Calculus, Physics and/or Chemistry are compulsory; 1 or 2 courses are elective
Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences English, Advanced Functions, Calculus, Data Management, Individuals & Families, Canadian History, Geography, International Languages  Requirements: English, Advanced Functions are compulsory; 4 other courses are elective


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