Why Southern Ontario Collegiate


Southern Ontario Collegiate is a private, university–preparatory, secondary school that prepares international students to meet admission requirements for universities in Canada, the US, UK, Australia, and other countries around the world.

Our philosophy is ‘a balance of knowledge and wisdom’ which equips our students with the skill sets needed for success at university and in life.

Academic Achievement

98% of SOC students enter top-rated universities in Canada and beyond. Students benefit from our modern teaching methods, well-equipped classrooms, and dedicated teachers. Our teachers hold advanced degrees in the subjects they teach. They are committed to students’ success and will provide help to those who require it. We are also the only school in Ontario that has an in-house tutor for extra support.

Individualized Learning

At SOC, we pay attention to the individual. We treat each student as a unique individual with diverse abilities, strengths, and needs. We draw out their personal interests and goals and we work very hard to help them towards those goals. Students follow a personalized educational plan and with the close guidance from our team, they are motivated to succeed.

Our size is our strength

Although the student population is growing, our vision is to remain a small school. Class sizes average 15 – 20 students. This makes it easier for the teachers to get to know the students, assess their strengths and weaknesses and monitor their progress. Students are comfortable asking questions and talking to teachers for help. Also, our small size means that the staff also join forces to create a better place for students to learn.

Great Care

We care for your children from when they arrive at Southern Ontario Collegiate to long after they leave. Students are safe in our disciplined yet warm place, where each staff member takes an interest in the welfare of the child. Even after they graduate, students stay in touch with us. They stay in contact with their favourite teachers for help or advice. And should they run into any problems at university, we will step in to advocate on their behalf. Once a SOC student, always a SOC student.

If you would like to reap all the rewards of the above,