Application FAQs

SOC has three semesters
Fall Semester (August – December)
Winter Semester (December – April)
Spring Semester (April– June)
We offer rolling admission, which means that students can apply at any time. However, we suggest applying as early as possible so that you can obtain your study permit in good time and we can confirm your space.
You can email us soft copies of your transcripts along with your application form, however when you arrive we will need certified copies of transcripts to be kept on file.
Once a complete application package is submitted, we will be able to respond to your application within one week. Upon receiving an offer of admission, students will be required to make payment before we can issue a Letter of Acceptance.
International students under the age of 18 who do not have a  parent or legal guardian in Canada are required by law to have a Custodian. We provide custodianship service, which allows a staff member to act in place of a parent or guardian in the event of an emergency. A Custodian Declaration Form will be sent along with your Conditional Letter of Acceptance (CLOA).
SOC assists new and current students with visa and study permit applications and extensions. We will notify students about procedures, documentation, forms and submission deadlines.
Applications for both Visas and Study Permits should be submitted online at MyCIC ( Students under the age of 16 require a parent or agent to set up an online account on their behalf. All Canadian immigration fees are paid online via credit card only.
Please find the latest COVID-19 update in