The team at Southern Ontario Collegiate makes sure that each student is prepared for the new school year in Canada. We run a comprehensive orientation program to help the students navigate their new environment and settle down smoothly.



Students are met at the airport, taken to their residence or homestay and provided with a long distance calling card so that family knows they’ve arrived safely.


Students receive their uniforms in the first week of the semester. They are expected to wear proper uniform throughout the school day.

Telephone and Internet

Students will need a mobile phone and a laptop or electronic notebook. School staff will assist in registration with any of the excellent telephone and internet service providers in Ontario. Residences provide basic internet services, as does the school.


SOC staff will assist students (and families if needed) in opening bank accounts at one of the reliable nearby banks to facilitate transfers, savings and expenditures.


For more detailed information for new students please download the New Student Information Guide here.