We give students the chance to express their creativity, experience Canadian culture and have fun.

Enjoying Hamilton

We also would love our students to explore the city of Hamilton. Given our great location in downtown Hamilton, students have access to art galleries, sporting events, shopping malls, cinemas and more.

Things to do in Hamilton

Less than an hour away from Toronto, and over 750,000 people, Hamilton has plenty to do for SOC students. From things as simple and quiet as a nice walk in a local park, to social events like going to eat, to big events such as a movie or sports game, SOC students will always be able to find something that they can enjoy. There is a list of upcoming events here.

Being a medium sized city, Hamilton provides all of the large exciting entertainment options as a big city, and the benefits of a quiet small city. Students always find new ways to have fun during their downtime. Check out these videos for examples.

Hamilton Public Library

SOC is just a few minutes walk from the Central Branch of Hamilton Public Library.  We help students get their Library memberships. The Library has small group tours specifically for SOC students to make them aware of the wide range of resources available including:

  • Private study spaces and reading rooms that the students can use for group assignments or more concentrated work.
  • Special programs and opportunities for ESL learners.
  • A maker space with 3D Printing.
  • Music recording studio.
  • Film studio.
  • Computer stations.
  • Photocopy/printer/scanner stations.
  • Thousands of books as well as music and films ready for download.


We believe that part of the students’ education is to get to know Canadian life, Canadian values and Canadian culture. As such, we arrange several excursions and holiday-themed activities through the year:

  • Ontario University Fair held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
  • Pumpkin Patch.
  • Students are given the chance to dress up and we often have Halloween candy in the office for “Trick or Treat”.
  • Thanksgiving Feast with traditional Canadian Food (Turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce).
  • Art Gallery of Hamilton.
  • Valentine’s Party.
  • Chicopee tube park:   http://chicopeetubepark.com/summer/index.html
  • Canada’s Wonderland.
  • Christmas Concert followed by a traditional Feast.
  • Graduation ceremonies.
  • Manadrin.
  • Scottish Rite.

Physical Exercise

There is a full-size gym on campus. Here, students often play soccer or basketball between classes or at the end of the day.

We also provide our students with access to local Recreation Centres which offer a wide array of activities like swimming, a host of seasonal programs and other sport amenities.


A professional music tutor visits SOC to conduct lessons in piano and violin. We will add more instrument options as requests arise.