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Southern Ontario Collegiate takes its role of education leadership seriously. Our work focuses on building and supporting each student’s abilities and potential.  We know that in today’s fast-changing world, students need skills that will enable them to succeed now and in the next stages of their education. 

In addition to Ontario’s world-class curriculum and assessment standards, at SOC students learn to implement skills in research, critical thinking, communication and initiative. These elements are vital for post-secondary success and ensure that students are secure and confident in meeting academic expectations.

Upon acceptance to SOC, each student’s academic record is thoroughly considered.  Through a rigorous Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR), we design an individual timetable.  Students work within the requirements of the Ontario Curriculum in tandem with Ontario’s ‘Growing Success’ Assessment document.

Our strong guidance and academic teams work collaboratively to guide and motivate students. Technology is embedded in each course, as is career path exploration.  Students encounter Canadian indigenous influences, advanced English literature and the arts, business education and global issues.  Advanced mathematics and sciences ensure that students are fully prepared for demanding university programs. SOC offers English Language Learning, as well as preparation for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.

At Southern Ontario Collegiate, students are part of a community focused on excellence, individuals who balance academic success and personal wellbeing as preparation for careers as community builders and leaders.  Over 98% of our graduates attain admission to universities in Canada or abroad.

As we prepare students for the future, we continue to maintain traditions that shape character. It is an honour to be part of the SOC team that model scholarly excellence and integrity.  We look forward to working with you.

Alison Currie,


Southern Ontario Collegiate


SOC owes much of its success to its exceptional teaching staff, all of whom hold degrees or advanced degrees in the subject they teach.

Staff at SOC come from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Their unique and broad experiences of the world enrich our classrooms and the school community. In addition, all staff  have attended Cultural Competency and Sensitivity Training to support the diverse student-body.

All SOC staff are united in their dedication to students and commitment to their success.

Alison Currie
Brandon Wilkin
Bilal Abuzaitoon
Ken Sieffert
Social Science
Jennifer Spleit-Landry
Prabhati Prabhati
Marina Knigavko
Molly Mignault
Guidance Councillor

Maryam Yusuf
Director, Admissions & Student Services
Katie Cox
Head, Human Resources & Accounts
Nabil Alkilabi
Manager, Operations & Business Development
Catherine McFarland
Administration Officer
Abdulhakeem Muhammad
Abeer Ghorieb
Project Co-Ordinator
Fe Hulog
Supervisor, General Services
Marzuq Yusuf
Administrative Assistant

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