“The passion the teachers have for their subjects and for the students is outstanding.”

Trish Nanayakkara, SOC Principal and former Consultant and Assessor, Ontario Ministry of Education

Southern Ontario Collegiate offers academic, open, college and university preparation courses; all based upon the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum and policy.

Students in the Grades 9 -1 2 and University Prep Programs graduate with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, internationally recognized as a well-rounded, rigorous curriculum that blends information-based and skills-based learning to prepare students for university anywhere in the world.

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 At SOC, we hold ourselves and our students to high educational standards and our results bear this out.

98% of students at Southern Ontario Collegiate gain admission to top universities in Canada and beyond.

How do we achieve such stellar results? The hallmarks of our academic success are:

  1. Conducive Learning Environment

Southern Ontario Collegiate is a great place to study and learn. Our campus houses a fully equipped computer lab and  interactive smart boards in many classrooms. We embed technology in every course and embrace innovative teaching methods and cutting-edge assessment tools. We offer holistic education with focus on individual learning, high standards and the idea of continuous improvement. We also provide a structured environment with strict rules on class attendance, punctuality and submission of work.

  1. Highly Qualified and Engaged Teaching Staff

At Southern Ontario Collegiate, we strive to foster a learning community where the teachers and staff are learning, growing and developing along with the students. Our teachers are subject-matter experts, each one holding at least a Bachelor’s degree in the subject they teach, with some holding Master’s degrees and PhDs. SOC teachers  are always willing to give students extra help outside class. They go out of their way to ensure that students understand the material and are confident in their knowledge. These are teachers for whom education is truly a calling, not just a job. 

  1. First-Class Guidance Counselling

At SOC we run a carefully planned guidance and career education program. We invest considerable time in helping students plot the path they need to take over the three semesters to reach their goals. We work with students to develop their Individual Personalized Pathway (IPP) which identifies the student’s strengths, areas for development, skills and interests, education and career goals, expectations and alternatives. We then ensure that students select credit courses in keeping with their areas of strength in order to maximize their chances of success.

We also ensure that students learn and develop skills  that will help them become more independent and responsible individuals. Our role is not simply to help them graduate high school. We prepare students for the rigours of university life and the challenges of the modern workplace. Important life skills featured in our program include: time management, goal setting, conflict resolution, volunteering, collaboration, self-discipline and respect for others.

  1. Emphasis On Tutoring

Southern Ontario Collegiate is the only school in Ontario that has a full-time in-house tutor available to students during the school day. The tutor works in conjunction with teachers to maximize communication and support student success. We also bring in visiting maths tutors who work with students on-demand. In addition, we run a successful peer tutoring programme where students with strengths in a particular subject, work with students who may be struggling in that area.

  1. Unparalleled University Prep

Southern Ontario Collegiate provides specialized expertise to help students complete university and college applications. We offer hands-on support with institution and program selection, filling and submission of applications and facilitating supplemental documentation such as medical tests, visa renewals, proficiency tests and letters of reference. We make students and parents aware of all their options and we motivate the students to give their best, while remaining realistic about where their grades can take them.

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University Visits:

Our many years of building relationships with university and college leaders has given us advantageous access to university recruitment and admission personnel.

Over the school year, Southern Ontario Collegiate hosts at least 20 of Canada’s top universities on our campus. These invaluable sessions give students an opportunity to sit face to face with university recruitment officers who give them up to date information on programs, scholarships and bursaries. The students benefit immensely from the chance to ask questions, gain insights into different programs and discuss career goals.

We also take students to university / college fairs and expositions, such as the massive Ontario Universities Fair in September. Most importantly, we prepare them to get the most out of these fairs by motivating them to ask detailed questions of the university reps, share their own backgrounds and make a positive impression.



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