Keep The Resolution Alive

Welcome back you bright and boisterous students to a brand new semester and school year. Hopefully you spent your time recharging as well as getting ready for the new year. This article will present a few ideas to help you keep your New Year Resolutions.

With the first month almost down its time to take stock of how well things are going, compared to what you had originally anticipated.

Revise Your Monthly Budget

You came into the new year with the intention of handling your money better but so far your habits have not changed. Don’t sweat it, change takes time. Just remember you need to lead by having a clear and concise budgetary goal. You can make adjustments as you progress to get to something that realistically covers your financial needs while also controlling your spending. You can reference some of our cost saving tips here.

Review Your Diet

This is probably one of the most popular changes at the start of a new year. The key to maintaining it is not in making unrealistic drastic changes but in actionable fundamental adjustments that are sustainable. It could be replacing one item at a time in your diet, or it could be adding one item. The key takeaway is that the changes need to be things you can maintain over a long period of time.

Finish Assignments in Advance

As a student you are accustomed to leaving studying, assignments and projects till the last possible minute and stressing over it the whole time. Now is as good a time as ever to get yourself trained in doing your work ahead of time. The key to that will be to set the deadline ahead of the required date. But how to get yourself to stick to it, you need to make regular work schedules that you adhere to. In order to keep your esteem high you should not expect 100% success rate on the first go. One assignment/project/quiz a semester per course is a reasonable goal to begin with. Some additional information on effective management of school work can be read here.

Try something New

You have kept the same hobbies and social circles since you began and that’s normal. But in order to enrich your life and to broaden your network you should consider joining some new clubs, or trying out new hobbies and see what comes of it. Not all of them will stick, maybe none, but there is a possibility to meet some interesting new people and have experiences you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Revise your routine

This could be connected to the previous points in the sense that when you adopt these new habits and hobbies, you will more than likely have to make changes to your current routine in order to accommodate the new lifestyle. The success of any of the listed suggestions lies heavily on how well you are able to live by this new change in your life.

This list is by no means exhaustive and there are many things you can add to this or change up to suite your goals. But in all your endeavors make sure to plan properly, follow through and always stay focused. Wishing you all the best on your journey!

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